8 Gallon Compostable Medium Bags

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  • 50 Bags Per Roll;
  • 8 Gallon/30 Liter capacity;
  • Size: 20 in x 24 in x 0.85 mil



     Pretty good for compotable bag

    It's great as far as the compostable bag goes, but nothing like an ordinary plastic bag's sturdiness. Good size for keeping a day's worth of food scrap. It can be torn easily with something sharp like a fish bone or something relatively sharp and heavy, like cut watermelon skin.

    Allen H.

     Best bags for the small messes

    My cat is part of the senior citizens club. She has pancreatitis so she throws up a lot, and has accidents in the house of the #2 variety. This means a lot of cleaning the floors. The poo problem especially is extra stinky and annoying since I can't just throw it in the trash as is for obvious reasons. I use biodegradable bags for my normal trash bin so I figured I'd try a tinier version. These are great for this purpose, I even use them for the cat litter in general now too. I used to use a large trash can with one bag and put all the litter doodles in there. This helps a lot, no more flies everywhere! They are very versatile and give me the peace of mind that I'm not throwing bags of poo and yak that can damage the environment or can stink up my house. Highly recommend.

    Joshua A.

    Great Organic bags

    Perfect for compostable trash that was often placed,mistakenly, in the trash. Organic and unscented. Have used for a few years and will continue to purchase regularly.