About our product


The Life Cycle of a UNNI Product

Grown in the Soil

Made from corn starch, UNNI bags are born as seeds in the earth. That means our manufacturing process helps farmers as well as the environment!

Made from Compostable Resin – No Polyethylene, Ever!

At UNNI’s low-energy, certified Green factory, corn starch is processed into a biobased, compostable resin. We then blend this resin with other certified compostable components to produce compostable bags.

Many so-called biodegradable bags are manufactured using polyethylene polymers that do not completely decompose when composted. Other manufacturers use plasticizers, which migrate through the material and compromise the quality of the bag.

Thanks to our unique manufacturing process, UNNI products offer the best of both worlds. They are strong, durable, and decompose completely in industrial, municipal and home compostable facilities in just 180 days!

Eco-friendly Packaging

UNNI bags are packaged in cardboard boxes made from 100% recycled board, processed chlorine free (PCF). Please recycle the box after use to complete the circle!

Many Uses and Easy Disposal with Peace of Mind

All UNNI products meet the strictest global standards for compostability in industrial and municipal facilities, so you can rest assured they will completely return to the soil from which they came. Check with your local authorities to learn about organics collection programs and/or public composting facilities in your region.

Our bags come in a variety of sizes for easy collection of all compostable waste, from dog poop to food scraps. Certified under the stringent standards of Tüv Austria as OK Compost Home, they decompose completely in both commercial AND home composting units.

Feeding the Next Generation of Plants

In a composting environment, UNNI bags and other products fully break down into water, carbon dioxide and nutrient-rich humus, with absolutely NO toxic, soil-depleting plastic residues. They truly become earth once again, providing food and an ideal growing environment for the next generation of carbon-fixing, greenhouse gas-reducing plants!