The Life Cycle of a UNNI Product

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Our property owner recently created a compost bin for us all and my love and I are working hard to compost everything compostable!! These bags are doing a phenomenal job so far! In our little container for compost in the kitchen, they do tend to leak a little bit, creating a slight stinky old food smell, but otherwise, we are very excited for compostable bags that help serve the environment ❤️ 🌎 thank you, UNNI ❤️

Sam Medina

We use these bags in our green recycle container indoors and it fits the plastic tub perfectly. This makes newly required food waste recycling much easier to manage.

Green Recycle

This is my 5th time purchasing this item!! Our city imposed the strict rules on placing organic waste weekly and I was initially worried on how we will make it work and I found this and found my answer! It’s pretty durable and works well with the over the counter bin we have! Will definitely buy more when this latest supply will ran out!


California now requires households to dispose of food waste in the green bin, along with yard waste. These compostable bags help keep the green bin clean.

Lilly Craigen